Circus & Sideshow Items

We are looking to buy any and all circus and sideshow items! phonographs, band box organs, regina music boxes & more. We love the circus & sideshow and love finding them good homes!

What we buy

The Circus and Sideshow is a great piece of American History. We have a strong passion for circus and sideshow history and hope to preserve relics from the golden age of the circus for years to come. 

Some Circus & Sideshow items that we LOVE!

• Sideshow Banners

• Old related photos

• Carnival Rides & Decorations

• Amusement Props & Machines

• Costumes/Uniforms

• Circus Art

• Sideshow Gaffs

& More!

What We Offer

We can offer you several ways to sell your collectible antiques. We may make you an offer, or we may help you find a buyer for your items or collection. We have several ways of completing your goals and a network of buyers and experts to help you get the best price!

If you are looking for a value on your collectible circus sideshow items, we can help you with appraisal as well.